Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Malecon

This is the infamous strip in Puerto Vallarta called The Malecon.
I have to say, I found PV had more to offer on a walkabout than the other two resort areas I've been to, Cancun and Mazatlan.
What makes this gorgeous waterfront walk even more interesting is its collection of statues by Mexican artists that range in style from classical to surreal.
Thanks to that little touristy initiative, I learned about (and fell in love with) the work of Sergio Bustamante. This, in turn, led me to the art walk around old town where I discovered Jonas Gutierrez, Daniel Garcia and Fernando Aguila.
As I do in many places, I walked around for hours at a time, until I had blisters all over my feet. Then I'd spend the next day recovering by the pool or on the beach (plus taking exercise at the outdoor sports park, more about that soon) until I healed enough to wander again.
Good trip.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather I have just come back from PV..Guayabitos mainly...Let's have a visit by phone email in person!