Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stop thief

   The culprit

   The lookout

The little house finch with the pretty song is ripping up my hanging basket.

No, that's not accurate. The female is going after my favourite plant in the basket. Her lookout, the male, does the singing.

She's destroyed a little purple daisy-like flower with leaves like carrot tops. I don't know what it's called. I got the basket from my mother, on Mother's Day. (Yeah, I know that's backwards.)

First, I came home and discovered clippings of the plant on the floor of my balcony and couldn't figure how they got there. I decided it was in too much sun and moved it in under the eaves.

Then, as I sat outside in the evening the brazen little hussy, with her mate standing guard, dove right into the greenery and started ripping away.

They're lucky I'm a tolerant person. So, I took pics, started researching. Turns out they are the only songbird that feeds their young exlusively on plants – seeds, nuts or greens.

Just about every other bird supplements their chick's food with additional protein even if they do not eat things like insects or worms as adults.

So, I guess I have to share. I wonder what it is about that plant specifically, though. Maybe she liked those leafy greens for nest material rather than food.

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