Friday, July 31, 2009

Swimming hole

For being on an island in the Pacific, the Alberni Valley is blessed with many fine freshwater swimming spots.

Here's my latest favourite. Regular dips have been a necessity lately as the temperatures have been over 35 celsius for more than a week.

This little spot is on Sproat Lake, a 3,800 hectare deep, clean body of water about 10km from town.

It's one of a group of lakes on this part of Vancouver Island that offer a change from the saltwater beaches.

Sproat Lake is home to my kayak, the Martin Mars waterbombers and at least one osprey that I've seen.


Anonymous said...

It was stinkin' hot this week and your suggestion of taking a dip in Sproat was bang-on. Lovely photos, too. Thanks for taking the time out to share. (Lily's favourite spot is Cameron Lake...).

Heather Reid said...

and Lily would know the good spots.

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