Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rookie mistakes

Feeling like a newbie at many things these days.

Since I’ve returned to Victoria, I’ve visited new trails and lookouts I somehow missed in the years I lived here before. Those unexpected newcomer experiences are great.

Venturing out for a long bike ride on the first Sunday of spring, I got five so-so photos before my battery died. Rookie mistake.

After kicking myself, and glaring at my now nothing-more-than-dead-weight-on-my-back camera, I put the brakes on that thought and chalked it up to a lesson. 

Same goes for the ups and downs of my new freelancing life. There’s always room to learn, and in some cases relearn things I thought I already knew.

Always said I wanted to be an eternal student.

1 comment:

mm said...

just the other day i was
shaking my inner head at
some inner self, when i thought,
'at least yr still learning'