Thursday, October 21, 2010

Valid excuses

I see the first statement of my last post turns out to be a lie. But with good reason. I've been struggling against a real lack of energy for some time and I now know why. I'm severely anemic.

What that means is that I'm lacking oxygen because I don't have enough iron in my red blood cells to efficiently transport that life-giving element. Anemia causes fatigue and mental confusion. Yep, that's been me for, jeez, I'm not even sure how long.

Good to have a diagnosis, even better to practice patience while my body renews itself. Doc says a couple of months before I feel significantly better. Everybody better watch out come early December.

Until then, I'll be gentle with myself. Do what I can do and see about keeping dear readers with some new material from here on the Island.

Like this view from Galiano Island. This would be one of the Gulf Islands, on the Canadian side of the water border. I visited at the end of June to interview a team of hummingbird banders and photograph rufous hummingbirds at the tail end of migration season.

I loved this long, narrow island. This view comes from the top of Mount Galiano. The trees that frame the other Gulf islands in the background are Garry oaks, unique to this region and so endangered that even private land owners need permission to cut any down.

I could go on and on about Garry oak ecosystems, but I've reached my energy expenditure limit for today. Here's a link if you want to learn more.


amy rubin flett said...

heather!!!! so good to hear an update- wow. huge. congratulations.

aka Penelope said...

Love the trees. Their branches remind me of ink swirls … very pretty. Hope you feel better soon, Heather!

Springman said...

Wonderful shots!
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