Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hornby Island

Each of the Gulf Islands that lie between Vancouver Island and B.C.'s coast has a different flavour. Hornby Island gets views of snow covered mountains in both directions with its own funky mix of artisans and people who've retired from the rest of the world.

On this trip my travelling companions were after pottery from one specific potter — Susan Crowe at Cannon Road Pottery.

I loved the outdoor gallery and the way her creative talents carry over to the way she displays her work.

In the laid back way of islanders, she feels no compulsion to operate a website. She can be reached the old-fashioned way for viewing (250.335.1629).

The requisite bald eagles perch by the seaside. Some have their own webcam broadcasting life in the nest around the clock. People from around the world watch eagle cams in British Columbia and the Hornby Island birds started it all.

I once met a woman from Japan who travelled across the Pacific to see the eagles in person after watching them on her computer for several years.

Finally, the views from Helliwell Provincial Park make it one of the best strolls anywhere on the islands.

One of the few marine protected areas, the waters around the park are closed to commercial fishing. While recreational fishing is allowed, islanders have instituted a voluntary closure allowing marine life a small haven.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I otter!

A river otter stops to check me out on a hike in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. Not to be mistaken with the sea otter which is rarely seen this far south.