Sunday, February 08, 2009

Views of the Alberni Valley

It may be grey and foggy now but these photos remind me that I live in a really nice place and that can be just as true on a grey day as a sunny one.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Sports Park in Puerto Vallarta

I loved this place.

It was just down the road from my hotel and while I usually take a break from exercise on holiday, I decided I would go for a run at the track every second morning. Nothing too strenuous, just enough to counter the desserts I ate every day at lunch and dinner.

Morning and night this free, outdoor sports facility was well used by locals. All ages, all abilities. One morning there was a track and field meet with kids from a private school that involved a three tiered podium and a horn section that bleated a fanfare when medals were awarded. Meanwhile the rest of us still got to used three running lanes and feel part of the event.

The complex stretched over several city blocks and besides the track there was an outdoor weightlifting area, boxing gym, many basketball courts, an open air aerobics studio and skateboard park.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ghost resort

This is the development that sat between the place I stayed and the ocean. It really pissed some guests off but I found it added intrigue to the otherwise white-bread Hotel Zone.
The story I got on the 13 story building was that an East Indian billionaire started the project but died before it was finished. A family dispute over his assets and some intervention by the Mexician government has resulted in the building being left in this state for 12 years now.
It's a major landmark on the Bay of Bandaras as it's the only structure that tall on that stretch of the beach. I used it to gauge how far I'd walked during a day because I could see it from anywhere on the shore and know my room was next door.
The property is fenced to keep squatters out and some poor guy enforces that as a 24/7 security guard. He doesn't keep the animals out, though. This is where I saw iguanas and green lizards and many bird species climbing around the palm trees and also darting in and out of rooms.
The waterway in the first photo is where I photographed the herons and egrets below.