Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scenes from Beacon Hill

   I always think I need to go far into the wilderness to get great nature photos. Part of an afternoon at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria reminded me that I don't.

   Beacon Hill sits between downtown Victoria and the cliffs that face Juan de Fuca Strait. Well-used by residents, the 81 hectare (200 acre) park sports a diverse population of creatures that tolerate urban conditions.

   Besides these commonly seen denizens, hawks and owls lurk in the tree tops and a heron rookery survives despite annual attacks on their eggs and chicks by bald eagles.


   This successful outing reminded me that nature is right outside my door. I just need to make time to get out there — and bring my camera.


Anonymous said...

The shot of the duck is sick!

Heather Reid said...

And by sick I hope you mean great. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I was really pleased with that shot. The yellow reflecting on the water was from how golden the late afternoon light became.

Amazing, huh?

amy rubin flett said...

these are great, heather. so easy to forget about what's right in front of us! and i hope you didn't forget about the baby goats...